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If you are interested in my projects please contact me , I will be pleased to help you. All of my projects are open source.


tail_mail is a simple log watcher daemon. It checks the log files that you want,
for the string patterns which you define in the config file, and send information messages by e-mail.

tail_mail is very fast because when it finds a match it forks a child process to send the notification mail.
Since the program uses shared libraries, it is very small.


- New feature 2004.08.03 tail_mail-0.2 : tail_mail now, can execute external command/programs also.
- You may use shell wildcard patterns to define the strings that you look for.
- You may define patterns (beginning with a ^) for ignoring.
- Informs you twice a day at 8 am and 4 pm that it works normally, by sending two e-mails. You may change these values in the main.c file.


I've tested on these platforms:
- Solaris 2.7
- Linux Suse 8.2
- Linux Suse 9.1, tail_mail-0.2


2003.06.03 Download tail_mail-0.1.tar.gz
2004.08.03 Download tail_mail-0.2.tar.gz


tail_mail uses the simple libraries below, you have to install them before compiling:
- libsmtp from Kevin http://libsmtp.berlios.de
I added a new function, which forks the e-mailing process, into this library,
so you have to use this version
(I've sent this update to Kevin).
- libdosya_okuma (my small library for reading the config file)
Both of these libraries are included in the tar file.