Network Tracker

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Network Tracker freshmeat

Network Tracker is a user (MAC) tracker daemon, for big LANs (campus networks).

trackerd builds a table which records which user is connected on which port of a switch by scanning the devices with SNMP in your inventory which is in a MySQL database. trackerd keeps that table up-to-date by scanning the network regularly.
Thus, you will have the opportunity to know exactly where a user (MAC, IP, UID) is connected on your network.
Your devices are also checked with ping and SNMP, and you are informed with e-mail when any of the devices is not alive.
More over, you may produce various reports about your network infrastructure on the web (cgi) or by using other tools.
Network tracker eases especially to find and shutdown the switch port of the users, when their PCs on the network start to spread viruses or warms using lots of bandwith; so you are able to stop that kind harmfull traffic on the network.
It lets you know the exact number of active wired (LAN) and wireless (WLAN) machines on your network.

New version tracker 0.5 2007.01.29

New features:
- trackerd is now multi threaded, so it runs very fast. A new thread is created for each network device.
- It tracks wireless access points also.
- Produces gnuplot graphics (like MRTG) for current number of users both for LAN and WLAN.
- tracker accepts MAC address in free format (xx:xx..., xx-xx..., xxxx.xxxx...)
- imroved mysql database create script.

For my campus network a mac tracking process was taking approximately one hour, now it takes only 2 minutes for (160 switch and 120 access points).
See the new screenshots at the screenshots section below.

tracker version 0.4.3 2006.04.09

- New feature: Tracking history was added.

Two new fields has been added into the settings table: HistoryCount and LocalHistoryCount
HistoryCount defines how many records will be stored in the database for each MAC address.
LocalHistoryCount defines how many times, total numbers of MAC found in tracking process will be stored in the database for statistical purpose.

tracker version tracker 2005.06.16 Screenshot of the trackersnmp & tracker

- When a MAC is not found in LDAP, then the "uid" field in the database is set to "notfound"; reported by Baris TUMER []

tracker version tracker 2005.06.06

- An error which prevented creation of the database corrected (mysql_install file), reported by []

tracker version 0.4.2 tracker 2005.06.02

- A new script "trackersnmp" was added into the project.
trackersnmp is used to shutdown/open a siwtch interface by a MAC or an IP address using SNMP.
- With a new snortsam plugin "snmp_interface_down" both projects are integrated.
Now, Snort can stop effectively any local intruder by shutting down its switch port using these two programs.
- trackerdbgui gets an optional MySQL username (and then asks for the password) which probably
have write access, otherwise, the default credentials in the /etc/trackerdbgui.conf are used.
All the SQL transactions are logged into the /var/log/trackerdbgui.log file.
- Defining the running period of the MAC tracking process was changed.
- Minor bug fixes.

tracker version 0.4 2004.12.28

- added trackerdbgui (gtk2) for easy database operations
- added cgi reports into the project
- added some statistics into the tracker
- removed some bugs
- new english and turkish README and INSTALL files
- man pages

tracker version 0.3 2004.03.22


trackersnmp & tracker
tracker_gnuplot graphics
trackercgi_defective devices


- Collects all the MAC addresses and port numbers from CAM tables of the switches.
- Finds IP addresses of the MACs from ARP tables of the routers.
- Finds LDAP uid of the user.
- Check devices on the network with both ping and SNMP for better reliability.
- The daemon sends 2 self check e-mail per day.
- Developped with C.


I've tested on these platforms:
- Solaris 2.7
- Linux
- Tested with Cisco switches, access points and routers.


2007.01.29 Download new version tracker-0.5.tar.gz

2006.04.14 Download tracker-0.4.3.tar.gz
2005.06.16 Download tracker-
2005.06.06 Download tracker-
2005.06.02 Download tracker-0.4.2.tar.gz
2004.03.22 Download trackerd-0.4.tar.gz
2004.12.28 Download trackerd-0.3.tar.gz


Network Tracker uses the libraries below, you have to install them before compiling:
- libping
- libcgi
- libesmtp
- net-snmp
- MySQL and client library version >= 4 for multi threaded library
- open-ldap library and source files (optional)
- pkgconfig
- gnuplot binary

libping and libcgi are included in the tar file.