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I manage Ford Otosan Network
(The biggest network in Turkey: LAN, WAN, WLAN and Internet connections) and all related systems and services.

I managed SU-Net and all related systems and services.

SU-Net (the biggest University campus network in Turkey) is Sabanci University's local/wide area, wireless network and Internet connections.

Facts and Figures from Sabanci University web page

Summary of the systems and services i manage:
 170 Cisco network devices
 routers: 7204, 6509,...,1701 Switches:6509,...,2924
 110 Cisco access points
 Internet connections and access  Metro ethernet
 Firewall systems  IDS systems (ISS, Cisco, Snort)
 GLBP  Multi homed BGP
 Multicast  VLANs
 Private VLANs  tracker, tail_mail
 Syslog server  DHCP servers
 DNS servers  FreeRadius
 VPN (OpenSwan, Checkpoint)  Squid web proxy
Certicate Management  ACL management
 Packet shaping  Policy based routing
 Apache, ftp  pop3
 Video conference systems  Nagios
 MRTG  Management scripts
 Linux, Solaris